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We all lead busy lives, juggling work, family, and countless daily responsibilities. Amid it all, planning for the future often takes a back seat. With estate planning advice you can secure your financial legacy, ensuring that your hard-earned assets benefit your loved ones as you intend. 

Waterford Financial Services believes that building a legacy is not a task for the distant future; it's about taking thoughtful steps today. Our estate planning advice services ensure that your wishes are honoured and investments keep on giving. Thereby offering financial security and peace of mind for your loved ones. 

What is Estate Planning Advice?

A lot of people think estate planning is a complicated process that only the wealthy can afford, but it's actually a simple financial strategy for everyone, regardless of income level. From drafting a trust to creating a comprehensive plan for your assets, estate planning can protect your loved ones and ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Our Estate Planning Advice Services

  • Trust Creation: Establishing a trust can be a powerful way to manage and protect your assets. At Waterford Financial Services, we are here to guide you through creating a trust that aligns with your long-term financial goals. We work closely with legal experts to set up trust structures that align with your financial goals to benefit your beneficiaries.
  • Will Preparation: Our estate planning advice can help you create a will that precisely meets your needs, including naming an executor, specifying how your assets should be distributed, and appointing guardians for minor children. Once your will is expertly drafted, you can take it to a lawyer for review and formalisation.
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive: It is crucial to have specific instructions about your medical treatment preferences in case you cannot communicate them. At Waterford Financial Services, we can help you create a clear and legally binding directive. Have peace of mind knowing that your healthcare decisions will align with your wishes.
  • Superannuation Binding Nominations: Securing your retirement requires making the right decisions about your superannuation. Superannuation-binding nominations can be complex, but our team of expert advisors at Waterford Financial Services are here to help. We provide clear and personalised advice to ensure your intended beneficiaries receive your superannuation benefits. 
  • Incapacity Planning: Enduring guardianship allows you to appoint a trusted individual to make healthcare and lifestyle decisions if you no longer have the capacity.  We can provide estate planning advice for the role of an enduring guardian and assist you in choosing the right person. 

The Estate Planning Process

Understanding Your Financial Picture

First and foremost, we are all ears when it comes to understanding your unique financial landscape and your dreams for the future. During our one-on-one sessions, we will meticulously assess all your assets, including bank accounts, investments, real estate, and personal property. We aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current financial position and your financial aspirations.

Customising Your Estate Plan

Once we’ve acquired a detailed insight into your assets and objectives, we will work closely with you to craft a plan for the distribution of your assets after you are no longer with us. This may encompass the creation of a will, setting up trusts, or designating beneficiaries. We’re here to ensure that your plan mirrors your exact wishes.

Shielding Your Assets

Life can be unpredictable, and that is why we’re dedicated to helping you protect your assets from potential threats like creditors and lawsuits. We will employ legal strategies, trusts, and insurance to safeguard the assets you have diligently accumulated.

Seamless Collaboration with Experts

Estate planning often requires a collaborative effort. We work in close harmony with legal professionals and accountants to ensure the effective implementation of your plan. We believe in a holistic approach to provide you with comprehensive coverage.

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FAQs about Expert Estate Planning Advice

Estate planning involves creating a comprehensive plan to distribute your assets after your passing or if you become incapacitated. It is essential for anyone who wants to ensure their family’s financial well-being and that their wishes are honoured.

An estate plan typically includes a will, power of attorney, healthcare directive, and may involve trusts and beneficiary designations.

No, estate planning is for everyone, regardless of financial status. It’s about securing your family’s future and leaving a lasting legacy.

It’s advisable to review your estate plan whenever significant life events occur, like marriage, divorce, or the birth of children. Regular reviews every few years are also recommended.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. We can assess your needs and help you begin your journey toward a secure financial future.

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