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Estate Planning and SMSFs

Where an individual holds assets in their own name and through a SMSF then Estate Planning will need to be considered for both to ensure

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New changes from 1 July 2023

From 1 July 2023, new tax measures and changes to rates and thresholds will apply which will affect businesses, superannuation, and individuals. Businesses Superannuation Individuals

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The Government has just released a policy paper regarding the modernisation of the tax rules for trusts. This paper outlines two new rules for the taxation of trust income:

The ATO has finally confirmed that a tax rebate / offset can be claimed in the 2011/2012 income year for private health insurance premiums that are prepaid by 30 June 2012.

Matthew Stevenson is a Senior Accountant at Waterford Accountants, in this video Matthew provides Tax Planning Tips to help you to reduce your tax payable and make the most of your return before the end of the financial year after which it is too late to do anything.

Small businesses now have access to:  An immediate deduction for preciating assets costing less than $6,500

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