SMSF Live – National Launch

SMSF Live – National Launch

After years of development the SMSF Live application has now been launched Nationally. The application has until now only been available to Waterford Accountants SMSF clients who were all set up on the application when it was first released two years ago.

After testing the application with existing Waterford clients and obtaining feedback on the features and benefits of the application, SMSF Live Version 2.0 was released just a few months ago and has now become available to SMSF trustees Nationally.

The application was built from the ground by a team of developers and is truly a one of a kind SMSF cloud based application. Fully Integrated to Class Limited API the SMSF Live App is available for download form both the App Store and Google Play.

No other SMSF Administration company has ventured into the development of their very one client solution and the investment has paid off for all the SMSF Live clients. Clients are able to logon to the SMSF Live application anywhere and any-time to track how their super wealth in performing. No more waiting months for your accountant to reconcile the SMSF bank account using traditional accounting methods and outdated software applications.

The SMSF Live application provides all of the information you would expect from a cutting edge reporting program. Allowing trustees to view their superannuation reports and make real time decisions about their super investments. Whether the markets are up or down the information is always available for you to check how your super is tracking and make the right decision.

But with SMSF Live you get more than just a reporting hub. We also provide a full SMSF Administration Service. We firstly set up the Self-Managed Super Superannuation bank account and investments on SMSF Live. This process can take some work depending on the number and type of investments but the setup of FREE of charge. We can then process and reconcile your bank account and investments on a regular basis for your information to be live and available anywhere anytime. We then look after all of the year end compliance and administration including the Financial Statements and Tax Return and SMSF Audit. All compliance is taken care of for you.

The SMSF Live Application is FREE. When we look after your SMSF Administration there is no fee for you to download the application. You get full access to your SMSF information whenever and wherever you log in. Allowing you to track your super wealth and make better decisions about how you are invested. Features and benefits our client have been already been taking advantage of for the last 2 years at no additional fee.

We will continue to develop and improve on the SMSF Live application to ensure our clients continue to use the most cutting edge SMSF cost based application. There are already new and improved features in the development pipeline and we will let you know once they become available.

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