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Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation is an ongoing process that assists you in establishing your financial and lifestyle goals. We help you to achieve these goals by making optimal use of your financial resources.

Because everyone has different investment and lifestyle needs, you need to have your own specialised plan.

How often have you asked yourself any of the following?

  • How can I invest tax effectively?
  • When should I make a will?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • Can I get higher returns without higher risk?
  • How can I increase my wealth?

If these concerns have crossed your mind, you are not alone. People are increasingly concerned about taking charge of their financial matters, particularly retirement.

What Waterford Accountants can offer you?

After learning about your concerns and analysing your situation, the Waterford Accountants team will develop strategies to achieve your objectives. These include:

  • Risk Management,
  • Salary Packaging,
  • Retirement Planning,
  • Wealth Creation Strategies,
  • Estate Planning.

Waterford Accountants will then provide an implementation plan detailing your objectives and goals and any assumptions, strategies or recommendations made.

Once you have gone through the plan with your accountant and are comfortable that it reflects your personal goals, then it’s time to implement the agreed strategies.

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